Training is a central moment of our path, both for internal and external aspects.

For this reason, Cerebro srl organizes advanced and personalized courses for health professionals and for the staff of the company and other structures, both hospital and university, based on the deepening of brain and neuronal processes that are the basis of every form of listening and therapeutic interaction.


Scuola di Neuroscienze®

The Neuroscience School aims to train, through exercises and tutoring activities, on the true meaning of motor, auditory and visual mirror neurons. Our vision is that of professionals who interact with each other and build together a shared knowledge platform, continuing to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic models.

Online Courses

Cerebro® boasts collaborations and partnerships with national and international companies and institutes. Thanks to them, we set up Online Courses on neuroscientific topics both for healthcare professionals and for non-professionals who want to expand their knowledge.

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University internship

Thanks to agreements with many universities, we offer the opportunity to carry out pre- and post-graduate internships, to get to know and experience the company reality, the scientifical research, the development and patenting of electro medical devices.