Small sized medical device
Generates a static magnetic field
Two Coils positioned according to The International 10-20 System
Combined stimulation of cortical brain areas
National and International patent
Closer to the physiological mechanisms of cells
Fabricated with 98% of recycled materials

Cerebro® fTMS™ is positioned as the future of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The innovation consists of three crucial points:

UIt uses a static magnetic field at the cortical level

VIt is used in rehabilitation, in all those pathologies defined as "Discrasic", where there is the presence of specific cortical brain areas that are deficient (stroke, dyslexia, dysgraphia, aphasia, etc.). To this end, fTMS™ aims to rebalance electrical exchanges between contralateral homologous brain areas. 

VIt is used in Neuroenhancement in people who do not have neurological diseases but need to improve their performance in the workplace as regards attention, memory, concentration, language, stress management, etc. 

fTMS™ by Cerebro® is portable, easy to handle, does not require electricity to operate, is completely Made in Italy and it is made from recycled materials making it the first environmentally sustainable fTMS™ currently on the market

We opened the doors to the international market by bringing fTMS™ to the Arab Health Exhibition 2021 in Dubai

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