A small-sized medical device
Generates an electrical field unified with a static magnetic field
Two Coils positioned according to The International 10-20 System
Acts on cortical cerebral areas
A patented technology
Closer to the physiological mechanisms of cells
Fabricated with 98% of recycled materials
Made in Italy

Who can use fTMS™ PLUS?

Health care professionals

fTMS™ PLUS can be used in clinics for neuromotor and neurocognitive rehabilitation

Patients undergoing neurorehabilitation

fTMS™ PLUS can be delivered to the patient for home neurorehabilitation sessions

Managers and company staff

fTMS™ PLUS can be used to improve attention and cognitive performances at work

It is used in rehabilitation to improve functional communicative exchange between brain areas of the same hemisphere. fTMS™ PLUS works by connecting a normally functioning cortical area with a low-functioning cortical area present in the same hemisphere of the brain.

It is used in Neuroenhancement in people who do not have neurological diseases but need to improve their performance in the workplace as regards attention, memory, concentration, language, stress management, etc.


Cognitive impairments, memory disorders 

Working memory impairment

Language disorders, writing and reading deficits, dyslexia, aphasia

Balance impairment

Lateralized motor skills disorders

Behavior disorders

Visuospatial abilities disorders


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