Photobiomodulation is defined as the third way of rehabilitation.

When and why you can use NIR, in healthy person.


When you feel tiredness and mental fatigue. Daily and work activities force us to increase cognitive load making us tired, unable to cope with the demands that come to us causing sleep disturbance and fluctuating mood.


To cope with daily needs, neurons have to increase their metabolism and their energy without having time to recover what they have consumed.

Photobiomodulation promotes metabolism of neurons and helps them to manage daily metabolic consumption. This manifests itself with greater mental clarity, greater ability to focus and improves mood and sleep quality.

When and why you can use NIR, in affected people.


Following a stroke, a traumatic brain injury or with the progression of pathologies such as Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson Disease, there are difficulties related to the cognitive (difficulties in memory, attention, focus ecc…) or motor domain.


Especially in pathologies that are in a chronic state, it is necessary to promote the neurons’ restoration and the modulation of their metabolism rather than their stimulation.

Photobiomodulation, and specifically NIR, allows to modulate the metabolism of neurons in all pathologies involving the cerebral cortex and also improves rehabilitation processes. It improves cognitive and motor skills by reducing neuroinflammation.

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