“Ozon” Electromedical devices by Cerebro®

The actual healthcare scenario shows the exponential increase in infective diseases especially in those who are bedridden and debilitated.

Istituto San Celestino, Italian polyclinic, takes care of this persons needs thanks also to the help and multiannual technical-scientific experience offered by Cerebro®.

For this reason, Ozon Devices were created.

This Devices are crucial in domestic environment and for personal use. If used correctly and according to the given protocols, the ozone molecule proves to be the best molecule in managing individual health.

Ozon in the environment

Sanitation and disinfection with Ozone is over 2000 times more effective than any type of traditional sanitation. 

Ozone sanitizes environments and surfaces from pathogens such as bacteria, mold fungi and allergenic agents and acts as an inactivator for viruses. It removes insects, mites, fleas, flies, lice and smell of different nature (cigarette smoke, different odors derived from food, pets), it also produces a very powerful deodorizing action. 

Ozon in clinical practice

Every disease is characterized by an overproduction of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) bringing to an increase in stress founded in chronic and acute inflammatory diseases.

Ozon is one of the most effective sanitizers for microorganism since it acts in low doses and in relatively short time. Thanks to its highly oxidative power, Ozon oxidizes the cellular components of Bacteria by penetrating inside the cell. Ozon, in fact, deactives viruses.

Ozon as treatment

Ozon acts at a basical level on many blood components that are multifunctional. It has a crucial role in bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal infectons.

Electromedical Devices such as Ozon by Cerebro®, tax deductible for those entitled, are side effects free and respond to high security standards for environmental protection. 

Choose Ozon Device by Cerebro®
Dal1° Gennaio 2021, per gli aventi diritto è possibile acquistare Ozon 2000 Home e Ozon One con agevolazione IVA al 5%


It’s the Cerebro® device developed for business use. Equipped with a saturation control system, it is subject to strict principles of installation and use. It can be used in the health sector, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the public, food and hotel sectors. The device is issued with a specific certification that certifies the quality of efficiency and sanitation, meeting the criteria set by law.


It’s the water ozonitation system designed for personal use: small size, compact and easy to use. It is a complete and versatile, high-tech tool that can be easily taken anywhere. It is equipped with a practical bottle thanks to which it is possible to sanitize the water that can be drunk or, under medical supervision, used for medical purpose, used for medical purposes: just fill the bottle and place the Ozon One tube inside.


It’s the Cerebro® Disinfection System designed for home use. The device is used for the disinfection of indoor environments (rooms, cabinets, refrigerators) and surfaces (items for babies, objects in contact with pets, dishes or containers to be sanitized). It purifies the air of dust, traces of detergents, bacteria, molds and mites, and at home, thanks to clean air, increases the depth of breath and psychophysical well-being. The device ozonates the water that can be used to eliminate germs and bacteria from food and keep them fresh for longer and for medical purposes.

Every heath protocol will be provided after purchasing Ozon Devices.

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