Cerebro® is a selected partner for project initiative, sharing the same values: centrality of human being, Excellency, etichs and clearancy. Responsibility, innovation, focusing and commitment.

SamTech joinsthe Cerebro group®Samtech deald with Neurocomunication ad Neurostartegies by using neuronavigation methods, algorithm studies and sensory perceptual models. Moreover, it invented Neurobit. 

Istituto San Celestino® is a rehabilitation polyclinic that is responsible for research and individualized procedures for neurorehabilitation. It was founded in 2018 thanks to a professional polispecialist team that started to develop the “Cerebro model”, unique of its kind, validated internationally.

Ce.Ri.Fo.S is a Research Center in Milan (Italy), founded in 2008 by a group of researchers. Accredited by MIUR, Italian Ministry of Education, it provides valuable researches in neurometabolism.

MIND 4.0 is a online television platform managed by Ce.Ri.Fo.S research group; its main purpose is to provide information about scientific, technological and socio-cultural progress in the world of Neuroscience in order to provide a deep and widespread knowledge.

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