Scientific Research is crucial for every company that place itself in the healthcare sector.

The validation of the technologies developed is necessary and requires commitment and dedication. 


Cerebro® is the owner of several national and international patents of invention and process that protect the invention and make it possible to make the invention unique on the market.

CPAP Respiratory Support

During the pandemic period of 2020, thanks to the Cura Italia Provision, Cerebro® was able to develop a prototype of CPAP Respiratory Support to help pulmonary recovery following Sars-Cov2 infections.


Scientific research is transmitted through important moments of Professional Training thanks to the School of Neuroscience® and agreements with the best Italian universities to follow students in their internship paths. 

Scientific Paper

Scientific validation is required for drafting and the realization of Scientific Publications in renowned international journals. Thanks to the collaborations with the NIR Specialized Centers, the San Celestino Institute, the Research and Scientific Training Center (Ce.Ri.Fo.S.) and other partners, Cerebro® carries out research projects and clinical studies to bring its own contribution to scientific community.


In the page CALL, you can find open positions in Cerebro® and external projects available for application.

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