CPAPacronym di Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Pressione Positiva Continua delle vie aeree.

What is  Cerebro® CPAP?

CPAP is a non-invasive mode of ventilation which, through external devices to patient, applies a continuous positive pressure in the airways in all phases of breathing: rest, inspiration and expiration. Thanks to this device, the surface of the pulmonary alveoli is increased, improving the relationship between perfusion and ventilation, and therefore oxygenation.

The first CPAPs were invented in 1980 for the treatment of sleep apnea, but gradually, on the basis of new knowledge, the areas of application of the device have increased.

The product developed by Cerebro® is composed by a central body, designed and validated by highly specialized technicians, and a breathing tube that uses the most advanced research. The high-tech Italian device is versatile and practical and can also be placed inside a dedicated bag so that it can be used from home.

Assistenza Respiratoria