Patient’s quality of live is our main goal: medical innovation for cognitive and motor rehabilitation.

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Static magnetism and low voltage electrical field to enhance brain functioning

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In Cerebro® we develop innovative device for non-invasive brain stimulation and modulation in order to improve patient’s quality of life: if we talk about rehabilitation we need to go beyond standardization and allow our brain to “express” itself by having someone nearby that is keen to “listen”.

Federica Peci, Psy
Founder and R&D Specialist 

Our biotechnologies

fTMS™ and fTMS™ PLUS

fTMS™ produces a static magnetic field to rebalance specific brain waves in both hemispheres in order to reduce brain fatigue, improve attention and motor coordination.

fTMS™ PLUS, on the other hand, produces a low-voltage electrical field in order to improve functional connectivity between different and specific brain areas to strengthen cognition and everyday functioning.

Both of these devices represent a major step forward in promoting a better life through improved brain functioning.

"Using Cerebro® technologies as a physician and neuroscientific researcher gave me the opportunity to help my patients and contribute to their wellbeing and quality of life."


"I joined Cerebro® driven by such encouraging results about the use of this devices not only in neurological disorders but also in migraines, stress management and sleep disorders."


"Using Cerebro® biotechnologies gives us the opportunity to help patients with diseases to which we previously could not give a sufficient and satisfactory therapeutic response. It has especially benefited Parkinson's patients with remarkable results. We are also very satisfied with the therapeutic responses obtained by patients with Dementia and patients with chronic migraines."


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