Small sized medical device
Generates a static magnetic field
Two Coils positioned according to The International 10-20 System
Combined stimulation of cortical brain areas
National and International patent
Closer to the physiological mechanisms of cells
Made of 96% recycled material

In the current scientific scenario, talking about transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) identifies a non-invasive brain stimulation device that uses single or repeated magnetic impulses to induce changes in neural membrane potential in order to activate them “artificially”. Usually, stimulation is accomplished by a large coil that generates a external magnetic derived electric current inside the brain tissue.

Cerebro ® has internationally patented a device that generates a static and cortical magnetic field. The static magnetic field generated promotes the intrinsic electric field of those neurons present in the area that needs to be treated. Stimulating statically and at a cortical level enhances brain cells in a physiological way: fTMS™ by Cerebro® uses two small coils to connect two corresponding brain areas; a non- invasive tool capable of reactivating the bio-electrical balance of neurons.

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